Mini-10K+ Mini Centrifuge

The mini centrifuge series MINI-10K+ is perfect designed with novel and unique appearance. It is pretty and skillful, equipped with 2 types of rotors and several tube carriers for 2.0ml/ 1.5ml / 0.5ml / 0.2ml tubes and 0.2ml x 8 PCR tube rank. It is designed for feeling. Open/close the cover will automatically start/stop the centrifuge. Built-in timing function. Humanism is fully displayed in its transparent roundness cover, several rotors, and tube carriers for choice.

  • Delicate appearance. Multi-purpose to meet different experiments demands
  • LED displays the rolling speed and timing.

MK-10/MK-20 Dry Bath Incubator

The MK-10/MK-20 Dry Bath Incubator is a microprocessor-controlled product using advanced thermoelectric technique. With this technical, more stable and accurated temperature control is achieved. Replacement is convenient with optional metal block of various specifications configured for different types of test tubes.

  • Peltier design of MK-20 provides efficient thermal control.
  • Microprocessor controlled incubation time and temperature.

JJ-Y Series Electronic Scale

Based on the reliable JJ series, great improvements have been achieved with additional functions by the JJ-Y series. It features weighing unit exchange function for 7 units. The integrated compensation load cell enables the measurement of lightly magnetized metal object such as iron or nickel and it also offers the customer great mobility and fl exibility by enabling battery operation. The 15 mm LCD Display can provide an excellent readability of measuring result with its integrated backlight by usage in the dark environment. The connection to the printer and computer can be established through the embedded RS232 interface.

Welcome to Helix Biosciences

Helix Biosciences is founded with a clear intention in mind to provide innovative products and services to support the work of researchers in India. The company provides complete solutions in Instrumentation, Reagents, Bioinformatics and Consumables. Besides that, it has the entire range of products for Genomics, Proteomics, Cell Culture, Drug Discovery and Bioproduction labs.

The Helix team includes people who are Masters in Science to assist technically on life science products. Today Helix India is well recognised in India as a premier provider of life science research products. In addition Helix has technical Engineers to provide technical assistance on Instruments. Helix India is presently marketing life science research products of leading companies of the world.

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We provide innovative products and services to support the work of researchers in India.

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We provide services all over India.

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Our team includes Masters in Science people to assist technically on life science products.

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